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CEO Jun Tang gold: from small employers to the first professional manager

In China, by "working" and fame, the number of not more than, Jun Tang is one of the very conspicuous one. From Microsoft China president to the grand president, Tang Jun 10 million annual income, net worth billions of dollars, famous at home and abroad, he was not without pride of their hearts: the others I have, my career is very perfect, very few people can be like me!

The first project

Jun Tang first project involved, and the whole family together, his hands in his hometown, built a two story house.

In 1962, Tang Jun was born in the small town of Changzhou, Jiangsu, have a brother, a younger brother under. Parents fear that no place three sons grew up to marry a wife and child just in high school when they started planning to build a house.

Tang Jun 12-year-old on the junior high school, home construction has officially begun. "From grade to grade, a full two years, I basically did not go to school, are at home when the child build a house." Jun Tang recalls those days miserable, the house almost all the materials needed are a few four brothers collected from the.

"Two days of final exam, took 20 a few minutes, then the Cultural Revolution Fortunately, we do not go to school, fill up three days of back to school, soon to become the first of the."

This is the first large project, it has become today Jun Tang to the most profound memories of childhood. "Now what the house is still very strong!" The house was eventually used. 1980, Jun Tang admitted to the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. At that time, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has not so popular as today, Jun Tang reported that the first choice Fudan physics, no one thought of the language usually results in very good shape Tang Jun, when actually took a college entrance examination 59 hours total score although the over, but Fudan University in the beginning of the year that: any one who will not admit failure!

"The problem in writing, the requirement is to write an argumentative essay, I have to write a narrative, and it accounted for 40 points in writing an estimated loss of a lot of points." Today, Jun Tang to the memory of that year's essay questions still remain New. "Title called" drawing of an egg "." Eggs do not draw well, barely came to Tang Jun Department of Physics, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Small business owner

May 26, Shanda president Jun Tang reporter's exclusive interview in Beijing.

Jun Tang

Did not the ideal school, some of the decadent Tang Jun, University of years, average scores until the third grade understanding of a fiber-optic communications school girls, in the later Tang and his wife's help, Jun Tang began to exert ourselves to minor optical fiber communication, one year actually admitted to the profession after the overseas graduate students. 1985, Jun Tang Going Fuso study.

Japan in five years, Tang Jun in the academic, career, both in the doldrums, I'm more casual small inventions, brought some luster to life. "I like music, can play several musical instruments, like singing, then Kara OK is the rise of Japan, is very clever, I studied voice signal processing, the two sides together, they designed a 'Kara OK scoring system' . "Jun Tang's own patented design, this small patent was eventually bought by Samsung with 80 thousand dollars. "Now what the domestic 'Malata', estimated to still use that technique too!"

In 1990, Ben Tang Jun transfer from Japan to the United States to continue to PhD. Rely on smaller funds to sell the patent, Jun Tang began to try their own businesses and became a small business. Among them, there are well documented, including 1993 Jun Tang set up a "double eagle software company." After he set up the "Hollywood Entertainment", but not strength Toupai film, the main income of the organization to the United States a number of domestic actors moonlighting. Said Jiang Kun, Hou Yuewen biggest names have been so had he recruited. Still later, Jun Tang has started a migration service, called "the first U.S. immigration office." But a "prominent" business name, and not to bring corresponding revenue Tang Jun, a few small businesses have always grow up, Jun Tang only to small entrepreneurs in the United States of America as mixed. But in Japan, invented a "marriage matching machine", attracted the attention of Microsoft, to bring a turning point in his life. Upon receipt of a call from Microsoft after the two recruitment, Jun Tang decided to close for the busy small business owners to live without. 1994 Jun Tang into Microsoft headquarters, as a general technician, he gave his reasons: to study for two years large companies, will press on their own.

Microsoft years

Jun Tang has been assigned to the Windows NT development team as a programmer, and Microsoft, like tens of thousands of engineers, tens of thousands of dollars annual salary. Love to play and little creative Tang Jun, the good habits into the Microsoft. At that time, Microsoft is promoting Windows operating system worldwide, countries with different languages, many of the source code based on the need to rewrite the English version, Microsoft, brought together more than 300 development team. Even so, the Chinese products are still to be delayed six months after the English version to market.

Jun Tang joined Microsoft a few months, secretly decided to change the status of such duplication of efforts, so spare time at home to re-design of software architecture, the preparation of the tens of thousands of lines of code, after the success of your test, get the boss before. After 3 months, Jun Tang's program was accepted by Microsoft's headquarters, 300 were compressed into the translation team, dozens of people, Don joined Microsoft a year later I also quickly promoted as a "development manager" salary has gone up.

"Although only a programmer, but you still want to boss the sake of discovery, nor is it enough to raise with the boss, the best is to first survey, go to the boss with a solution." Is not a boss will not like Jun Tang such employees.

The end of 1997, Microsoft began to look toward the development of China, has developed any Microsoft Windows NT Tang Jun, senior manager, volunteered to return to China to set up technical support centers in Greater China.

After 3 months, Technical Centre started functioning. After 6 months, technology centers operating indicators of the top five ranked Microsoft's first technical support center, Tang Jun, president won the Bill Gates Award of Excellence. This is the highest honor within Microsoft. Year later in July 1999, China Center was officially promoted to Asia Technical Center, in October 2001, the Asian Technology Center upgraded to Microsoft's global technology center. Four years, Tang Jun successful completion of the "triple jump."

March 2002, Tang Jun as president of Microsoft China, the annual salary at 10 million yuan.

Shanda two years

Difficult to imagine a professional managers at the time to move on, new and old club actually to jointly host a grand welcome and send off ceremony, but such a dramatic scene in February 2004 appeared in the Tang Jun body. In two years as president of Microsoft China, the need for internal adjustment as Microsoft, Jun Tang early "retirement" transfer "honorary president for life", and switch to local businesses as president of Shanghai Shanda.

Office the same day, Tim Chen, vice president of Microsoft's global, grand chairman Chen Tianqiao both came forward, held a strong happy to "quit the ceremony." Such treatment, unique in the domestic circle manager. Jun Tang, after the grand entry into the special treatment, it is coveted by peers for the manager.

A few months later as president of Shanda, Tang Jun will single-handedly responsible for the world's largest online games operator Shanda business full listing roadshow, according to the contract and the grand, Jun Tang has more than 260 million shares of Shanda stock options, exercise price for the issue price of 11 U.S. dollars. Just six months, a grand stock actually soared to 40 dollars up and down, the figure of Tang Jun potential value of options owned by hundreds of millions of yuan. Because of this, Tang Jun is commonly known as "China's first professional manager," never seen an employee, as he can earn so much!

"Own business done before, the world's best companies I have done it, I've held technical, sales I done it, head of regional management and I done it. Into the grand two years, I have experienced the process of listing, local businesses and I understand the situation. the meaning of life is to experience more than one, I think my career is very successful professional managers, as few people come with me! "Jun Tang told reporters that emotion.

鈻?Gold CEO questions

Hard work will be successful

1. Do you think his biggest talent is what?

First, it is hard, I think this is my talent, so many years is not easy; Secondly, I can simplify complex issues, look at the issue to seize the key points in a very short time; Thirdly, I think my strong leadership.

2. A child you think the most problems?

What is the future of my life? !

I remember when the primary 34-year dream to become a tractor driver, I am very happy to open tractor.

3. What type of person do you think the economic will succeed?

There are many successful models, some small, difficult to determine, as President Chen (Chen Tianqiao) such a success. May be a small staff, or a small business person can be successful, but hard work will be successful, this success are of different sizes, and the rest by the opportunity.

The success of my own there are many factors, first through the wisdom, the second by the opportunity, third, by industry and the fourth is by passion. Any one is very important to me.

4. What you most admire in the work environment?

A stressful environment. I like the pressure of competition.

5. What do you admire the staff?

Hardworking employees.

6. What would you fire the staff?

Disloyal employees. Employees can not afford that was my problem, because when I recruit I have a trial process. Quality problems on the staff I will fire, I will not dismiss other.

7. You want your employees to define what kind of person?

They respected most.

8. Management process in your company's biggest problem encountered is what?

Over the past 10 years in the management, I should not encounter too many problems.

9. How do you handle the relationship between themselves and their boss?

Mutual trust and maintain communication.

10. Your average daily hours of work hours?

About 12 hours.

11. You work a year income?

I have to say Microsoft's right, a grand speak out too sensitive, I have Microsoft pay almost 2.5 million yuan plus options, add up to 10 million yuan a year incomes.

12. Someday, are you prepared to create a completely their own brand?

Not considered.

13. You want to leave your next corporate culture?

Corporate values, business and culture.

14. Under what circumstances would you retire?

Before the age of 65 I would not consider retirement.


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Comments: Baidu more recent non-

Baidu, Baidu, really does make a pool of Oulu

Why is this non-local search engine giant recently more?

Baidu has landed me in one of the show.

First, the antitrust defendant, a claim is 170 million yuan, Tangshan, a company came out and said: PPC, I am out of high prices, the top three, business is booming, who wants to site plan revision, the lowest bid when ranking the first, whether position before and after were included in the content even sharply ... ...

Side outsiders conquering a city, there was underway a home fire wall.

November 8, the one called "Baidu marketing Chexingtianxia" of the PPT began spreading online sensation, which is said to spread out from the inside Baidu, of course not be ruled out to competitors.

67 of the PPT on the "value-added services," a surprised to read, "Crisis Public Relations: the link in the page search screen (live chains)." The Baidu most competitive integrated marketing package, paste it also stated that the marketing part, "PR protection: delete negative information, enhance brand credibility to guide the positive public opinion."

CnBeta have friends anonymous comment: "Baidu, really very powerful, has become a Crime Scene it!"

Since then, November 10, Baidu Public Relations issued a statement on the theme "Our God in heaven: the user experience first," mainly used "is included by search engines, and search engine fairness has nothing to do with search engines The profit model irrelevant. Baidu will reject some of your pages, the only reason: The inclusion of the information can not be good for Baidu's users search experience "to cope with the defendant monopolized the event.

Baidu's PR contact, confirmed that they had been informed before the statement and has studied PPT spill, but did not make this statement in the relevant assessment. However, there Baidu insiders pointed out that it was a fraud of the PPT, but not convenient to Baidu for the time being, "the official response."

The above statement and the "false is said," so that I recall in October of this year, while Baidu has ignited when the Sanlu incident, in a meeting of the brand's meeting, a professor of marketing face of "what values Baidu What is this? Baidu's bid ranking is how is that? "The question, Baidu stakeholders generally the answer is:" Even to us 10 million, 100 million, or more, we do not undermine the Baidu brand dry something! "

Because it can reduce the total cost of ordinary people to find information, called for "information to people-oriented" search engine providers, quickly becoming the information age, a strong IT technology companies. For technology-based companies, has always been, people with the attitude towards children, loved the technology-based companies.

Why is the pride of a technology, but will Bad Baidu recently been?

The most important search engine ranking algorithms is naturally confidential, but we can know is, google's search results page rank (who is linked much more the sort who will be high) and the relevance of a link, while Baidu's results are Auction and related Phase is linked. So, to confirm the search results relevance, importance of technology, and the "key words" about the price of Competition, where to one end of the call whether this scale?

Of course, this is related to how we look at a search engine technology provider. It is able to provide effective service database marketing agency, or an objective, neutral and basic requirements for the new media, and on this basis, an extension of its business intelligence?

In the "Search" author 绾︾堪宸寸壒鍒?view, "Search is the gateway to the world's interest and desire of the window", as "thought control the world with the search giant" has appeared, we understand the world's eyes, has the The search giant for us to bring filtered "colored glasses." We naturally hope that it will be fair and objective, rather than borrowing the name of technology, to money-driven permutations and combinations.

So, Google made a "Don't be Evil (not evil)" slogan. Whether he did or not, at least show that search engines really have the "evil" the ability and potential trend.

As Bopu Man in the "technical monopoly" has said, "technology is an important attribute of modern media, media technology on the one hand shape our thinking and way of life, it also created a modern media empire's hegemony. "

So, it seemed, IT upstart, it is easy to become a hegemonic oligarchy.

Compared with Google, Baidu's success in local, a large part of it had benefited from a better user search experience, while it creates a set of "PPC" charging mode. However, we need to remember an old saying, "Success Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated."

As companies, especially listed companies, Baidu have enough self-control to keep "PPC" and "search just" balance. Once the results of growth by the temptation to balance all the way to the left and connivance of tilt. On the surface, is the damage and search for notarization, and is a business ethics issue, but the search affect the impartiality of the user experience and ultimately influenced "Everlasting," this major project. In other words, this is short-term benefits and long-term interests of the discrimination of relations.

Baidu new baked in the third quarter of 2008 earnings are still beautiful, revenue compared to last year, an increase of 85.1% to about 919.1 million yuan, compared with operating profit growth of 119.1 percent over the same period last year to about 368.3 million yuan . Net profit, compared with growth of 91.4% over the same period last year to reach about 347.9 million yuan.

But, more and more online banter begin the dialogue:

You see Kunitari now? Orangemen you see it too!

You use Baidu, right? You do it with Baidu? - If users have a sense of shame, this could be really easy to get up.


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SA118 translation (12)

Chapter XIII reading shell scripts
Translation: hfzheng
Please keep this information reproduced
Basic shell script
A shell script is an ASCII file that contains a series of commands and comments.
Note that the text of the document to illustrate the functions of the script and the finished script for each line of the function needs to be done, comments begin with #.
Determine the type of shell script
Script, the top line shows the script shell program type, for example, for the Bourn shell, the first line should be:
#! / Bin / sh
Kernel using #! To identify the procedures used to translate the script.
Note: korn shell the first line should be #! / Bin / ksh, c shell the first line should be #! / Bin / csh.
However, not all of the shell script uses the top line to identify the shell program.
Some scripts can be at the top of a basic text notes. And the same shell the parent shell to execute the script. Some scripts may not comment at the top. In this case, use the default shell program to execute the script.
Create a basic shell script
Create a basic shell script using the following steps:
1, using the vi editor, create a file named my.script, enter the command, followed by the tab key, then the definition of a # at the beginning of the Notes;
2, so that files can be implemented, then the command line, enter the file command.
$ Vi my.script
who # To view who is logged on the system.
date # To view the current date and time
ls-l # To view files in current directory
: Wq
$ Chmod 755 my.script
$. / My.script
Bourne shell programming
Solaris Operating Environment for the management of the standard management bourne shell script is the script.
In order to successfully control the behavior of the operating environment changes, the system administrator must be able to read, modify and customize these different shell script file.
Usually, all the Bourne shell script including a set of UNIX commands, Bourne shell built-in commands, program structure and comments.
Bourne shell script
To be able to read, more important is to understand the content of the basic shell script to be able to:
1, can understand how the parameters passed to the script, by using a special built-in variable called location variable transmission;
2, to identify and analyze the conditions of simple structure and process control;
Special shell built-in variables
Location parameter
Special shell built-in variables called positional parameters for passing parameters to the script from the command line.
In the command line mode, with the script name separated by spaces after each word, as parameters, these parameters in the shell script called positional parameters.
Command format
scriptname argument1 argument2 argument3 ...
When the script execution, shell command line automatically store the first parameter to the positional parameters $ 1, the second parameter to the positional parameters $ 2, the third parameter to the location parameter # 3, and so on.
A location parameter reset
set command is used to reset the positional parameters.
The following example describes how to use the set command to set the location parameter.
First implementation of the option-m with the who command to see the output:
$ Who-m
user1 pts / 5 Mar 13 11:43 (host1)
Now create a shell script using the cat command, named my.script3:
$ Vi my.script3
#! / Bin / sh
set 'who-m'
echo Here are the positional variables that have been set:
echo The first is: $ 1
echo The second is: $ 2
echo The third is: $ 3
echo The fourth is: $ 4
echo The fifth is: $ 5
echo The sixth is: $ 6
echo This script is: $ 0
$ ^ D
Using the chmod command so that the script can do:
$ Chmod 755 script3
Implementation of the new script:
$ My.script3
Here are the positional variables that have been set:
The first is: user1
The second is: pts / 5
The third is: Mar
The fourth is: 13
The fifth is: 11:43
The sixth is: (host1)
This script is: my.script3
Bourne shell allows the use of up to 9 positional parameters, $ 1 to $ 9. Also on the parameters of the script name $ 0 reference.
Positional parameters meaning
$ 1 to $ 9, $ 1 to $ 9 reference position parameters
$ 0 references the current shell script name
Two other useful positional parameters is $ # and $ @.
1, $ #: Returns are stored in the $ 1 to $ 9 positional parameters of the total number of command line arguments;
2, $ @: start position parameters, display parameters for each store;
The following examples illustrate the role of script in the location parameters.
Create a script called my.script4, change the property to the executable.
$ Vi my.script4
#! / Bin / sh
echo The script name is: $ 0
echo The first argument passed is: $ 1
echo The second argument passed is: $ 2
echo The highest numbered parameter is: $ #
echo The parameters passed to the script are: $ @
^ D
$ Chmod 755 script4
Implementation of the new script, with stop and start arguments.
$ My.script4 start stop
The script name is: my.script4
The first argument passed is: start
The second argument passed is: stop
The highest numbered parameter is: 2
The parameters passed to the script are: start stop
Conditions of structure and process control
Conditions of order
Conditions command allows you to perform true or false based on a condition corresponding task. The simplest condition is if the command command.
If the command can test conditions, test results under the conditions to change the script execution process.
Command format
if command
Exit status
When the program after the completion of the implementation (command line or script), returns an exit status, then back to shell, an exit status is an integer from 0 to 255.
According to the general command format given above, if the structure after the command is executed, and returns exit status. If the exit status to 0 in the then and fi command to be executed between the structure, fi terminated if block.
However, how the first command, the exit status non-zero, that command fails, then Keyword subsequent statements are ignored, processes the back between the jump fi statement.
Invalid parameter detected error conditions can cause the command failed.
Shell variable $? Shell automatically set by the last executed command exit status, echo command can display the parameter value.
The following example describes how to view the command line mode command a successful and unsuccessful implementation of the exit status.
$ Mkdir newdir
$ Echo $?
$ Mkdir
mkdir: Failed to make directory "newdir"; File exists
$ Echo $?
test command
Built-in test command if command is usually followed.
Test command is used to calculate the value of the expression, if the result is true, return zero exit status, if the result is false, return non-zero exit status.
Command format
if test expression
The following example is used to test whether the variable $ name has been pre-set to the value of user2?
if test "$ name" = "user2"
echo "matches"
Equal sign operator to test two values the same? In other words, test ordered $ name variable used to test whether the string user2, if so, return zero exit status, otherwise it returns non-zero exit status.
Another test format
test command is usually used in shell scripts, shell commands can also identify another test format, brackets [] in fact represents the test command.
The previous command can be rewritten as the following forms:
if ["$ name" = "user2"]
shell or the execution of the test command, and only use this format, test like the end of the expression a] bracket. In the first brackets [and after the final brackets] must be preceded by a space.
Command format
if [expression]
The following example is used to test the value of an expression, if the result is true, return zero exit status, the result is false, return non-zero exit status.
Create a script called my.script5 so that it can perform, and execute the script.
$ Vi> my.script5
#! / Bin / sh
name = user5
["$ Name" = "user5"]
echo $?
name = user7
["$ Name" = "user5"]
echo $?
$ Chmod 755 my.script5
$ My.script5
test command operators
Almost every shell script should deal with one or more of the script, so there is a test command files for the classification operators, these operators make the file in the build script you can provide the tools for asking questions related documents.
The following are the most commonly used file operators:
Operator returns true (zero exit status) if
-D file file for the directory
-F file file is a regular file
-R file file can be read by the process
-S file file length of the non-zero
-W file file can be written process
-X file file executable
The following example describes how to use the file operator to test whether a file exists.
Create a script, named my.script6, make it executable, and run the script, the final step, check the exit status of the results.
$ Vi my.script6
#! / Bin / sh
if [-f $ HOME]
echo "found it!"
$ Chmod 755 my.script6
$ My.script6
found it!
$ Echo $?
case command
case command is used to test the situation with multiple conditions.
Command format
case value in
value1) command
value2) command
value3) command
backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news: 15 news: 16 news: 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6-tar. gz xml2dict-read-only) command;;
case the value of the
case variable values match value1, value2, and so on, until a match is found.
If the case does not match the value of the variable, program execution value *) after the command, until the pair of brackets or esac.
The following example shows how to use the case command:
$ Vi my.script7
#! / Bin / sh
hour = 'date | cut-c12-13'
echo $ hour
case "$ hour" in
0? | 1 [01])
echo "Good Morning.";;
1 [2-7])
echo "Good Afternoon.";;
echo "Good Evening.";;
$ Chmod 755 my.script7
$ My.script7
Good Afternoon.
case command value calculation $ hour, stored in case the value of the variable in the current time, date command to its output through the pipelines to cut command, cut command cut hours and choose characters from the output by 12 and 13.
Case value of the variable $ hour match each value, until a match is found, then the results echo to the screen.
1, the first test value used to determine whether the matching case value of the variable hours of the morning? (Eg, 1:00 am to
11:00 am): 0? | 1 [01]), 0? To 0 and used to match a single character wildcard characters? . Therefore, the test values may be 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09. | Is the or statement. 1 [01] is number 1 and for a single character wildcard [], where possible test value of 10 and 11.
2, the second test value used to determine whether the case matches the value of a variable number of hours this afternoon? (Eg, 12:00 pm to
5:00 pm): 1 [2-7]), may be the test value of 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.
3, the third test value used to determine whether the matching case value of a variable number of hours at night? (Eg, 6:00 pm to
12:00 am): *), may test the value of 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,24.
exit command
Built-in command called exit the shell allows the user to immediately terminate the shell script's execution. Exit frequently as the end, jump or return to the command line command.
Command format
exit n
exit command in the parameter range from 0-255 integer.
Can be placed in one or more of the script exit command, used to tell the shell to meet certain conditions when the exit script, which takes precedence over the normal end of the script.
In large script file, use different integer as the exit command of different parameters, when the need to determine when a specific condition is met is very useful.
If the script exit with 0 as the parameter, indicating the successful implementation of procedures, the normal end. Non-zero parameters (1-255) s description of certain types of errors occurred.
Users can use the echo command to quickly identify exit results:
$ Echo $?
Read a script sample Solaris Management
The following example is given of the Solaris Management is a script in the directory / etc / init.d in the maintenance.
These scripts can be used at boot time, you can also use the system to use closed.
System administrators can manually start or stop system daemons and services, through the implementation of stop and start with a parameter management script.
For example, to manually stop or start the audit process, root user can invoke the following command:
# / Etc / init.d / audit stop
# / Etc / init.d / audit start
Shell script using the previous learned knowledge, the following script line by line analysis to determine the procedures for the implementation of what will happen when:
/ Etc / init.d / audit script
1 #! / Sbin / sh
2 #
3 # Copyright (c) 1997 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
4 # All rights reserved.
5 #
6 # ident "@(#) audit 1.5 97/12/08 SMI "
8 case "$ 1" in
9 'start')
10 if [-f / etc / security / audit_startup]; then
11 echo 'starting audit daemon'
12 / etc / security / audit_startup
13 / usr / sbin / auditd &
14 fi
17'stop ')
18 if [-f / etc / security / audit_startup]; then
19 / usr / sbin / audit-T
20 fi
23 *)
24 echo "Usage: $ 0 (start | stop)"
25 exit 1
28exit 0
interpretation of audit management script
Following the implementation of audit script line by line to explain what happened:
Line 1: #! / Sbin / sh, explain procedures for the implementation of the shell, here for the Bourne shell;
Line 2-6: comment lines, beginning with #;
Line 7: blank line
Line 8: case expression, given the location parameter case the variable $ 1, the variable pass the first command line argument to the script.
Line 9: Description of the variables given case the first one matched value, in this case start; If the two values match, the result is true, return a zero exit status (0), the script jump to the next line, line 10 . If the two values do not match, the result is false, returns a non-zero exit status, the script jumps directly;; after the statement, here for the first 16 rows;
Line 10: if conditional statement to test the value of an expression; If the file / etc / security / audit_startup exist, the result is true, jump to the next line, 11 rows. If the file / etc / security / audit_startup does not exist, the script jumps directly to the implementation of the fi statement, here for the first 15 rows;
Line 11: implementation of the echo command to display the starting audit daemon to the screen;
Line 12: implementation of the audit subsystem initialization script audit_startup safe in the actual start of the audit daemon's security;
Line 13: Start audit daemon, the audit trace file generation process control, and audit trace file location;
Line 14: if block statement marks the end;
Line 15: Send flow control instructions, make the script skip esac statement after the implementation of 16 to 27 rows to skip and not be executed;
Line 16: blank line;
Line 17: Description of the second case the variable value, here for the stop; If the two values match, the result is true, return a zero exit status (0), skip to the next line of the script execution, which is 18 lines, if two values do not match, the result is false, returns a non-zero exit status, the script jumps directly;; after the statement, here for the first 22 rows;
Line 18: if conditional statement to test the value of an expression; If the file / etc / security / audit_startup exist, the result is true, the script the next line, that is, line 19, if the file / etc / security / audit_startup does not exist keyword after the statement is ignored, the script jumps to the Executive;; after the statement, here is the line 21;
Line 19: implementation of the / usr / sbin / audit-T function, to send signals to the audit daemon, telling audit daemon to close the current audit trace file, so that monitoring failure, death;
Line 20: end if block statements;
Line 21: send flow control instructions, make the script skip esac statement after the execution, the first 22-27 rows to skip and not be executed;
Line 22: blank line;
Line 23: If the case can not match the variable 9 rows and 17 rows of values, shell command line implementation of Article 24-25;
24 line: the implementation of echo command displays the following text string to the screen:
string to the screen:
Usage: / etc / init.d / audit (start | stop)
Line 25: implementation of the exit command to terminate the script immediately, and return to the command line mode; instruction program appears certain types of errors;
26 line: send flow control instructions, scripts, skip to the last line after the esac statement;
Line 27: end case statement block;
Line 28: implementation of the exit command to terminate the script, return to the command line mode, just exit the program successfully.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The world to those who have access

UF Power DBTEL mobile phone network distribution
China's steady economic growth and accession to the WTO brings opportunities for the development of expectations, so many industries in China become the world's most potential markets, the mobile phone market is one of the most representative of the industry. China today, even in the most remote areas you can see the ubiquitous cell phone advertising, mobile supermarkets, mobile phone chain, has brought overwhelming market maker competition, N different models, N different functions of mobile phones, The daily price range will have a 0.3% change in the market, consumers already confused, but as mobile phone sales company, this confusion will be even greater, because the complexity of many mobile phone product code, to bear the rapidly changing market prices and customer demand to deal with the resulting inventory to market, how best to adjust the rapid feedback strategy is undoubtedly the mobile phone dealers matter of survival. Recently, China Unicom's CDMA mobile communication network GPRS and fully open soon, a new round of competition had begun.
In 2002, Guangdong Pacific Group, Eagle Thai digital, Shanghai DBTEL so gradually start UFIDA ERP-network distribution system, from the transfer of customer orders, customer demand information, inventory management and allocation of the nervous system - channel network to start to build networks management of e-commerce system. And here will be great tyrants Group Shanghai Company, for example, describes a typical mobile phone distribution business solutions, learning from them.
DBTEL Group - was established in Taipei in 1979, with world-class communication terminal products manufacturing and R & D capabilities, and world-renowned manufacturer of communications a strategic alliance, the world's leading communications company for the production of mobile phones, wireless phones, fax machines and many other kind of terminal communications equipment, Taiwan's major corporate headquarters Pa is the world's largest mobile phone production base, an annual output of 8 million mobile phone units, the future annual production capacity will increase to 15 million units. Mainland mobile phone market, look to the great tyrants deep, with subsidiaries in Shanghai and in the establishment of a nationwide mobile distribution network, launched the own "DBTEL" brand mobile phones, big tyrant from the backstage, from production to the development of integrated production distribution type businesses, products and agents spread across the country selling their own products, good technology good product good resources, need a good management and management platform, to achieve great tyrant ambitious marketing goals and brand position. The establishment of extensive and effective distribution channels covering the core network is how the efficient distribution of real-time management -
Multi-pulse structure
Group Headquarters: Production Department (according to organize production and production planning), marketing (product marketing, pricing strategy formulation, etc.), sales (business management , sales planning, branch management, customer records management and credibility validation, etc.), Finance (financial settlement, the cost of the branch management);
Provincial branch: more than 20 management office business, including sales operations, while managing the resident's retail outlets (supply, invoicing, receivables, etc.). With the Group's Finance Department for financial settlement, charges by way of revenue and expenditure, unified management by the Group Finance Department.
Ground-level office: responsible for management of local retail outlets, is the agency of the provincial branches, nearly 300 non-independent accounting, the expense of the unified management of the Group Finance Department.
Warehouse: future plans to establish branches and offices in their warehouse inventory. Currently, only the branches and offices responsible for receiving orders shipped directly from the headquarters.
Big Pa: network distribution, we are looking to local companies
The highly competitive electronic communications industry, leading technology and innovation is important, and the establishment of extensive distribution network to seek the highest market share, to be unified and efficient channel management to enhance the competitiveness of order, a set of electronic information systems platform is essential. Real comprehensive market information, market and consumer demand to meet the most basic core, which involves all aspects of enterprise sales process.
Taiwanese background, big gangsters, in the process of building attached great importance to the development of enterprise information construction, at present, the direct introduction of the Shanghai Grand Pa Pa parent company, Taiwan's largest set of information systems, including the SSA part of the ERP system, developed in LOTUS office automation systems, factory automation systems, production management system (PDM), product development and management system CLEARCASE so, the operation of a cross, between two systems of data flow. In this basis, the face of competition from the company production management to sales management's focus shifted, the company decided on the distribution, inventory and other core competitiveness of enterprises associated with the sale of links to start building a comprehensive information management, that is to build a full new network distribution management system.
Construction of synchronous technology network in the Internet distribution systems, and management of the swing of foreign firms, domestic management software vendors in the technology latecomers obvious advantages, most domestic manufacturers can not be replaced on the domestic distribution network construction and management is more familiar with the large Pa Consulting Chen Yong, head of Health admitted: The hegemony of the information system in general more mature, you can copy from the headquarters, but the network distribution of software products, we have the technology and applications more promising advantages service in time with the local power management software companies, software companies such as UF, UF they provide ERP-network distribution management software, network technology, ASP mode, multi-industry application experience, is more suitable for operating in China business, selling products. This is hegemony at home and abroad a large selection of the many vendors and eventually selected distribution management software system UF important reason.
DBTEL network distribution solution analysis
1, the system target:
Improve the speed of market reaction (eg, timely price adjustments)?
Efficient and accurate regulation of the national inventory, and reduce overall inventory?
? Improve logistics and cash flow of the flow rate
Centralized management, cost management to prevent the sale of out of control?
The most convenient and timely inquiry, and provides an accurate basis for decision making?
2, the system application
Big Pa's organizational structure is rather special, the provincial branch is relatively independent of the body, with headquarters in the business aspects of a purchase - clearing relationship to the local tax authorities need to provide complete financial statements; Tong Shi, the provincial branch Youshi sent to the headquarters of one of, the financial cost is not independent of the need to headquarters strict budgeting and control 瀹炴椂 approval and reimbursement, so Zaidui Yu provincial branch is concerned, with a Duixiang 鎵紨 the different roles Treatment needs to be done separately.
Taking into account the actual situation of the dam, UF provides a standard network for large distributors Pa system platform based on the development of a small amount of customization, using the standard distribution platform for the different modules according to a combination of structures on the actual situation of hegemony, go through a small customers of development, eventually forming large Pa Group Distribution Management System. ERP-network distribution platform consists of business processing systems (static data) query analysis system and platform management system 3 components, including a series of standard modules and components. In which business processing systems (including clients) to handle all types of business documents, dynamic real-time data query and analysis, and allows multiple business processing systems run in parallel; Query and Analysis System to receive regular business processing systems to report all types of static off the table, to achieve efficient query and analysis of various trends; platform management system for the entire application software platform, system-level management.
Business documents (such as orders, a library / invoice cost of documentation, etc.) directly in the business processing systems for paperless processing, business people through business processing system to achieve remote collaborative business operation, business leaders through business documents Enquiries about progress in real-time operational status, to achieve business process control objectives.

DBTEL Network Effect Evaluation of Distribution Management System
Starting from February 2002, consumers can see a lot of great tyrants "DBTEL" (DBTEL) mobile advertising and promotion, "DBTEL" brand image gained ground, see the hype and look at but it will not felt that great tyrant "DBTEL" all-pervasive mobile phone distribution network, so it may make products in the most convenient way to submit to the hands of consumers. And extensive distribution network construction and management needs, UFIDA ERP-network distribution for large unobstructed Pa laid the efficient distribution network, electronic, centralized management of the foundation, from a few key points, Watch phones manufacturers the crux of distribution chain management.
Watch Target: response to changing market demands
The biggest change is the mobile phone market, product manufacturers, market and customer demand changes that complement each other, contributed to the rapidly changing mobile phone market, product style, price levels, and new technology-driven product features, and all this stems from distribution networks focused response to customer needs. Customers determine the existence of a cell phone in the market, the time, there is a price, even the speed of falling prices. Respond to changing market prices and supply and demand, to a certain extent, on the mobile phone distribution company is a matter of life and death. So UFIDA ERP-network distribution system provides the network foundation and ASP applications, will be distributed among the various points of sales distribution network in real-time data transmitted to the data system input and processing center, product sales, order processing, inventory adjustments Gezhong conditions can all be clear in the data center. The most timely information to grasp and respond to treatment, can help mobile phone distributors bring the maximum to avoid the risk of fluctuations in market demand.
Watch the second goal: to deploy a reasonable stock structure
Any mobile distribution points will be as much as possible to avoid the accumulation of mobile phones, because the volatility of the phone who frankly does not bear the price risk, therefore, reasonable inventory levels and inventory product mix is very important, not only to sales of protection products to meet the best-selling avoid out of stock losses, but also to reduce the backlog of unmarketable products to avoid loss of money and time. Network distribution system provides real-time inventory management, large hegemony through the system can check and take inventories of the product, the overall management of the supply and distribution organizations to deploy mobile phones, and feedback to the procurement and production processes, amendments to the procurement and production planning, the right to meet market demand.
Watch three goals: efficient interaction management focus
Network distribution system constructed according to corporate-level group management, operations management, customer management three-side, through the whole network of technology base and ASP application mode, to achieve long-range transmission and processing of remote commerce, support for mobile office, break time and space constraints, timely and accurate information to protect business data; system specifications of the distribution network operations and headquarters of top-down bottom-up interactive information exchange and management, across different stages of development to enhance regional unified management, which greatly enhance the overall Big Pa business processes and work efficiency; fully efficient decision-making first-hand information provided leadership as accurate and timely management decisions based on the distribution of remote multi-level institutions to ensure smooth logistics DBTEL mobile phones, while the network distribution system greatly reduce the flow of information barriers. Interact to achieve efficient centralized management.
Overall, the implementation of the network distribution system to help large groups to achieve hegemony in the nationwide logistics, capital flow, information flow for unified management, to sales and logistics, production closely linked to the Group for the distant business offices thousands of miles away understanding will not remain on the surface and improve the enterprise business process efficiency, reduce the Xiaoshou cost, funds, stock turnover 閫熷害 greatly accelerated, thereby circumventing capital 椋庨櫓, improve overall business competitive enterprises . DBTEL is in the planning, distribution system will be extended to future students CRM system from a distribution network to the client's direct management is closer to the market and end-customers, which will become more intense, more and more extensive range of global competitive market for electronic communications, integrated information systems to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises mentioned the importance of self-evident.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

C + + motto: as long as possible on the use of const

Unfortunately, a lot of member functions and constants can not be completely through the bits of the test. In particular, a constantly changing the contents of a pointer to member function. Unless the pointer in the object, or bits of this function is const, the compiler will not raise objections. For example, suppose we have a similar TextBlock class, because it needs to know with a string of the mass of the C API dealing with, so it needs to its data stored as char * instead of string.

class CTextBlock (
char & operator [] (std:: size_t position) const / / inappropriate (but bitwise

(Return pText [position];) / / const) declaration of
/ / Operator []
char * pText;
Although the operator [] returns the object reference to internal data, this class is (inappropriate) it is declared const member function (Item 28 will be talking about a subject in depth). First it aside and see if operator [] to achieve, it does not use any means to change the pText. Result, the compiler generates pleasure operator [] code, because all the compiler is concerned, it is bits const, but we see what happens: const CTextBlock cctb ("Hello"); / / declare constant object

char * pc = & cctb [0]; / / call the const operator [] to get a
/ / Pointer to cctb's data

* Pc = 'J'; / / cctb now has the value "Jello"
Here indeed is a problem, you use a fixed value to create a constant object, and then you just use it to call a const member function, but you change its value! This leads to the notion of logical constants. Adherents of this theory that: a const member function is called when the object may change some bits, but only with the customer can not feel the approach. For example, your CTextBlock class can be stored when required length of the text block: class CTextBlock (
std:: size_t length () const;

char * pText;
std:: size_t textLength; / / last calculated length of textblock
bool lengthIsValid; / / whether length is currently valid

std:: size_t CTextBlock:: length () const
if (! lengthIsValid) (
textLength = std:: strlen (pText); / / error! can't assign to textLength
lengthIsValid = true; / / and lengthIsValid in a const
) / / Member function
return textLength;
length of the realization of course, not bits const's - textLength and lengthIsValid are likely to be changed - but it is also seen as an object of the const CTextBlock effective. However, the compiler does not agree, it insisted constants of binary bits, how do?

Solution is simple: Use the keyword mutable as the expression of C + + the const-related flexible space. mutable non-static data members of the binary bits from the binding constants of the liberation: class CTextBlock (
std:: size_t length () const;

char * pText;
mutable std:: size_t textLength; / / these data members may
mutable bool lengthIsValid; / / always be modified, even in
); / / Const member functions

std:: size_t CTextBlock:: length () const
if (! lengthIsValid) (
textLength = std:: strlen (pText); / / now fine
lengthIsValid = true; / / also fine
return textLength;
To avoid the const and non-const member function of repetition

mutable constants of binary bits for the solution not the problem to my mind is a good solution, but it can not solve all of the const-related problems. For example, suppose TextBlock (including CTextBlock) of the operator [] only to return an appropriate character reference, it should conduct border inspections, record visit information, even to confirm data integrity, these functions to const and non-const The operator [] function, so that they become such a monster as follows: class TextBlock (
const char & operator [] (std:: size_t position) const
... / / Do bounds checking
... / / Log access data
... / / Verify data integrity
return text [position];
char & operator [] (std:: size_t position)
... / / Do bounds checking
... / / Log access data
... / / Verify data integrity
return text [position];
std:: string text;
Oops! You mean to repeat the code? There followed additional compile time, maintenance costs and headaches code expansion and other things? Of course, you can also shift the border check, and all code to a separate member function (of course, private) and to allow the two versions of operator [] to call it, but you still have to repeat the call to the function and write return statement of the code.

How can only achieve an operator [] function, but also can be used twice? You can use a version of operator [] to call the other version. Removed by force constants of transition.

As a general rule, force restructuring is a very bad idea, I will spend an entire Item to tell you not to use it, but the repetition code is not a good thing. Under the current circumstances, const version of operator [] is doing is precisely the non-const version did, the only difference is that it has a const return type. In this case, by removing the return type of the constant transformation of a security, because no matter who call non-const operator [], the first condition is a non-const object. Otherwise, he could not call a non-const function. So, even if requires a mandatory transition to non-const operator [] call the const version of the method in order to avoid duplication of code is safe. The code below, then the explanation may make you understand it more clearly: class TextBlock (
const char & operator [] (std:: size_t position) const / / same as before
return text [position];
char & operator [] (std:: size_t position) / / now just calls const op []
const_cast (/ / cast away const on
/ / Op [] 's return type;
static_cast (* this) / / add const to * this's type;
[Position] / / call const version of op []
As you can see, there are two mandatory code transformation, not just one. We allow non-const operator [] calls const version, but if the non-const operator [] of the interior, we just call the operator [], then we will recursively call ourselves a million times or more. Wei Liao avoid infinite recursion, we must be clear that we want to call const operator [], not directly in the way to do this, so we will * this type have been from Ta TextBlock & Jiangzhizhuanxing Dao const TextBlock &. Yes, we use force in transition, it added a const! So we have two mandatory transition: the first is for * this with const (purpose is when we call the operator [] when the call is const version), the second is from the const operator [] return value being removed const.

Increase the mandatory transition const is a safe conversion (from a non-const object to a const object), so we do use static_cast. Remove const const_cast mandatory transition can be accomplished, where we have no other choice.

The basis of the completion of other things, we call in this case an operator, so the syntax may seem strange. Cause it will not win the beauty contest, but it passed in the const version of operator [] on to achieve its non-const version of the method to avoid duplication of code to achieve the desired results. The syntax to use ugly best achieve our goals whether it is worth to you to decide, but this in a const member function on the basis of its non-const version of the technology is very worthwhile to master.

銆??鏇村姞鍊煎緱鐭ラ亾鐨勬槸鍋氳繖浠朵簨鐨勫弽鍚戞柟娉曗?鈥旈?杩囩敤 const 鐗堟湰璋冪敤 non-const 鐗堟湰鏉ラ伩鍏嶄唬鐮侀噸澶嶁?鈥旀槸浣犱笉鑳藉仛鐨勩?璁颁綇锛屼竴涓?const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟鎵胯涓嶄細鏀瑰彉瀹冪殑瀵硅薄鐨勯?杈戠姸鎬侊紝浣嗘槸涓?釜 non-const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟涓嶄細鍋氳繖鏍风殑鎵胯銆傚鏋滀綘浠庝竴涓?const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟璋冪敤涓?釜 non-const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟锛屼綘灏嗛潰涓翠綘鎵胯涓嶄細鍙樺寲鐨勫璞¤鏀瑰彉鐨勯闄┿?杩欏氨鏄负浠?箞浣跨敤涓?釜 const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟璋冪敤涓?釜 non-const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟鏄敊璇殑锛屽璞″彲鑳戒細琚敼鍙樸?瀹為檯涓婏紝閭f牱鐨勪唬鐮佸鏋滄兂閫氳繃缂栬瘧锛屼綘蹇呴』鐢ㄤ竴涓?const_cast 鏉ュ幓鎺?*this 鐨?const锛岃繖鏍峰仛鏄竴涓樉鑰屾槗瑙佺殑楹荤儲銆傝?鍙嶅悜鐨勮皟鐢ㄢ?鈥斿氨鍍忔垜鍦ㄤ笂闈㈢殑渚嬪瓙涓敤鐨勨?鈥旀槸瀹夊叏鐨勶細涓?釜 non-const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟瀵逛竴涓璞¤兘澶熶负鎵?涓猴紝鎵?互璋冪敤涓?釜 const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟涔熸病鏈変换浣曢闄┿?杩欏氨鏄?static_cast 鍙互鍦ㄨ繖閲屽伐浣滅殑鍘熷洜锛氳繖閲屾病鏈?const-related 鍗遍櫓銆?br />
銆??灏卞儚鍦ㄦ湰鏂囧紑濮嬫垜鎵?鐨勶紝const 鏄竴浠剁編濡欑殑涓滆タ銆傚湪鎸囬拡鍜岃凯浠e櫒涓婏紝鍦ㄦ秹鍙婂璞$殑鎸囬拡锛岃凯浠e櫒鍜屽紩鐢ㄤ笂锛屽湪鍑芥暟鍙傛暟鍜岃繑鍥炲?涓婏紝鍦ㄥ眬閮ㄥ彉閲忎笂锛屽湪鎴愬憳鍑芥暟涓婏紝const 鏄竴涓己鏈夊姏鐨勭洘鍙嬨?鍙鍙兘灏辩敤瀹冿紝浣犱細涓轰綘鎵?仛鐨勬劅鍒伴珮鍏淬?

Things to Remember

銆??路灏嗘煇浜涗笢瑗垮0鏄庝负 const 鏈夊姪浜庣紪璇戝櫒鍙戠幇浣跨敤閿欒銆俢onst 鑳借鐢ㄤ簬瀵硅薄鐨勪换浣曡寖鍥达紝鐢ㄤ簬鍑芥暟鍙傛暟鍜岃繑鍥炵被鍨嬶紝鐢ㄤ簬鏁翠釜鎴愬憳鍑芥暟銆?br />
銆??路缂栬瘧鍣ㄥ潥鎸佷簩杩涘埗浣嶅父閲忔?锛屼絾鏄綘搴旇鐢ㄦ蹇典笂鐨勫父閲忔?锛坈onceptual constness锛夋潵缂栫▼銆傦紙姝ゅ鍘熸枃鏈夎锛宑onceptual constness 涓轰綔鑰呭湪鏈功绗簩鐗堜腑瀵?logical constness 鐨勭О鍛硷紝姝f枃涓殑绉板懠鏀逛簡锛屾澶勫嵈娌℃湁鏀广?鍏跺疄姝ゅ杩樻槸浣滆?鏂板姞鐨勯儴鍒嗭紝鍗翠娇鐢ㄤ簡鏃х殑鏈锛屾?锛佲?鈥旇瘧鑰咃級

銆??路褰?const 鍜?non-const 鎴愬憳鍑芥暟鍏锋湁鏈川涓婄浉鍚岀殑瀹炵幇鐨勬椂鍊欙紝浣跨敤 non-const 鐗堟湰璋冪敤 const 鐗堟湰鍙互閬垮厤閲嶅浠g爜銆?br />


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In 2010, desktop sales will reach 26.002 million

Analysys International, "Prediction of the desktop market in China 2006-2010" Research shows that in 2010 the total sales of the desktop market in China will reach 2,600.2 million units, from 2006 to 2010 compound annual growth rate of sales was 13.4%.

Affect the future sales of the desktop market factors, the main factors to promote the Internet and the further development of online games and four, five markets and new markets such as the rural market development. For example, with the further development of China's Internet, e-commerce and other Internet or network based on the increase in commercial activities, will contribute effectively to the desktop market. With the further development of online games on the computer configuration requirements gradually increase will be effective for a desktop replacement. Low-end desktop market is the main market, new markets, while four, five markets and rural markets have huge potential customer base, along with desktop performance on the rise, the price of the further reduction, the desktop companies marketing strategy, especially four, five markets and market development strategy for the rural market will have a great desktop computer sales impact.

Affect the future sales of the desktop market impediments products include notebook and a desktop replacement, secondary cities have a volume desktop market saturation and so on, for example, with notebook prices drop and performance rising more notebook computers are constantly highlighted the advantages of mobility, this desktop replacement products have an impact on the desktop market, is expected by 2008 will increase this impact. With the construction of large cities and gradually complete the information and people's living standards improved, 12 cities have a volume desktop market is saturated, the intensity decreases when purchased. To some extent hindered the development of the desktop market.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SuperBurner RM to DVD

SuperBurner RM to DVD is the best RealMedia converter software. easy convert Real Media files(.rm, .rmvb) to AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD files. convert RM/RMVB to AVI DIVX XVID MPEG VCD SVCD DVD and burn to DVD/CD. You can change the codec/system type to PAL or NTSC, and adjust the video size of the output files . It supports to convert almost all video, such as: RM to AVI, RM to DIVX XVID, RM to MPEG-1, RM to MPEG-2, RM to WMV, RM to VCD, RM to DVD, RM to PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video...

Support convert AVI, Divx, ASF, WMV, WMA, MPEG, MOV, QT, RM, RMVB, file to MPEG with all encode format such as VCD PAL/NTSC, SVCD PAL/NTSC, DVD PAL/NTSC, MPEG-1 standard, MPEG-2 standard etc. Support convert AVI, Divx, ASF, WMV, WMA, MPEG, MOV, QT, RM, RMVB, file to AVI with all encode format such as DIVX, XVID, Mircosoft MPEG-4 etc.

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